High-performance alternative to gun-drills

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  • High-performance alternative to gun-drills

Kruz long an
Gun-drilling operation is required to run very long production time due to slower feed rate. This KRUZ extra-long drill is capable to apply deep hole drilling like Gun-drlls but up to 10 timest faster due to higher feed rate.

What is advantage to use KRUZ extra-long drill?

  1. Internal coolant fed design.
  2. Helical flute geometry(not staright fluted) to eject chips quickly.
  3. Faster hole making with higher feed rate.
  4. Welded carbide wear parts for the flute part as a guide.
  5. Compatible to fit standard carbide drill insert(IDSH).
  6. Available max. overall length 1000mm(dia.25mm or over).
  7. Available with different shank(6535HA, HE, HB shank).


Kruz long an2

All inserts are made of ultra-micro grain carbide material. This would be greatly affected on higher performance and strong durability for various materials from soft to harder work pieces, even for difficult exotic materials.


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