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The problem of long reach milling is encounter each time you visit our representatives manufacturing forging molds, castings molds or injection molding. Edges and corners machining at high walls is cumbersome and significantly increases the production process. Often, parameters reduction is not enough to obtain a smooth surface at the corners.

There is known method to raise the stiffness by increasing tool diameter, but when We are dealing with narrow recesses or small radius corners – it’s getting problematic. TIZ IMPLEMENTS engineers deal with this problem by constructing a new tool.

We present to you the latest engineering achievement in construction of full-carbide tools. The innovative blade geometry provides many new opportunities. The principal aim of the new geometry was to allow stable operation of the tool with a long reach, reaching 8 times of diameter. We offer You two tools:

– UFG 19 – end mill cutter with radius UFG coated

– UFG 21 – ball nose end mill, UFG coated

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Some basic strengths of DMX:

– An excellent tool for producers (tooling) forging molds, injection molding

– Tool geometry forming proper shape of the chip

– Geometry of cutting edge and chip flutes allows to faster chip removal from the workspace

– Milling on reach up to 8xD

– Stable operation in sharp corners

– Machining hard materials up to70HRC

– High tool stiffness on significant length

– DMX tools can be used on machines with low speed spindles

– High efficiency over long reach

– No need to lower the cutting parameters to minimize vibration or to obtain a better surface

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Parameters comparisons

We present a comparison of similar (size, number of cutting edges, coating…) DMX carbide end mills rated to long reach milling with conventional end mills.

Q – rate of metal removal

RPM Vf ap ae Q
[Obr./min] [mm/min] [mm] [mm] [cm3/min]
UFG19  Ø10mm R2 (5xD)
5300 5000 0,42 3,12 6,5
UFG18  Ø10mm R2 (5xD)
7800 1470 10 0,3 4,4
RPM Vf ap ae Q
[Obr./min] [mm/min] [mm] [mm] [cm3/min]
UFG21  Ø10mm R5 (5xD)
5300 4100 0,72 2,39 7,1
UFG59  Ø10mm R5 (5xD)
11300 6800 0,2 0,5 0,8

Machining example.

An example is the mold machining shown in the figure below.










Parameters test:

Mold dimensions: 80mm x 90mm x 120mm

Material: NC11; 32 HRC

Machining strategy:

1. By one tool UFG21 Ø10mm R5 (5xD)

2. Standard machining strategy. The first rough-finishing tool UFX76100 Ø10mm R5 (2,5xD) and second  rough-finishing tool UFG59 Ø10mm R5 (5xD).

Calculations were made by using Mastercam.

Method No. RPM Vf ap ae Mold machining time
[Obr./min] [mm/min] [mm] [mm]
1 UFG21  Ø10mm R5 (5xD) 14 min
5300 4100 0,72 2,39
2 UFX76100 Ø10mm R5 (2,5xD) 32 min
7400 2400 0,25 0,6
UFG59  Ø10mm R5 (5xD)
11300 6800 0,2 0,5

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