INFINITY Modular System


Currently, high-precision metals machining, such as drilling, reaming, boring, thread milling or planning, typically require different kinds of holders and tools. Therefore, great efforts are required to develop holders for various specific applications. It is even more difficult task to achieve high precision and high clamping force of holder for various applications. Provides both flexibility and stabilization.

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The current engineering knowledge and cleverness have made that INFINITY chucks become possible and easy. Super strong and fit connection, non-comparable with standard ER chucks. INFINITY tool series uses concepts to resolve this problem. Using a handle base, you can add many different extensions, which later will be connected with the individual tools.



In one series of the extension INFINITY can be used any kind of pin.


Use in cholders: ER, Weldon, SMA, MCA, … and many others.


Optional extensions lets you apply, your own length variations.


Provides a larger contact surface where nut contacts sleeve and greater friction than traditional.


Improving precision and quality of processing.

infinity cross

Infinity Series is also equipped with specially designed inversely mounted ER collets. Traditional mounting results in insufficient clamping force under increased loads. Modified geometry collets, resulting in less tool slipping. Mills are less susceptible to internal factors. The design of this type increases the area of contact of the tool holder, reducing the influence of external forces. Thus, significantly increasing precision machining.


INV-ER Fixing


Standard ER Mounting

As shown in the diagram, users can connect to a standard extension with ER collet or standard end mill, changing only the extension, without having to remove the chuck from the spindle. There are many variants which can be obtained with different extensions. Wide range of sizes extensions satisfies all needs.

infinity module

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