Burnishing rollers


TIZ Type Tools are used for the aim of burnishing the stepped-plain shafts, female tapers and flat surfaces. The tools provide as well as surface hardness and at low rate calibration (measurement accuracy) beside of burnishing. The tools provide time saving through a high processing power and speed and this is a motive to prefer for the serial production.

External  burnishing rollers


TIZ Type Single Roller Burnishing Tools consist of a connecting shank, precision body which is special designed, roller head which contains special mechanism parts for long using life and a dial gauges which is assembled for adjusting the force. According to the preference, shank is delivered as Square, Weldon or VDI Shank. Whole shanks are demountable.

Stamples of application:

• Telescopic cylinders
• Clutch parts
• Torgue converters
• Hydraulic cylinders
• Brake disk
• Rods
• Spline hubs
• Axle shafts
• Pulleys
• Shafts etc.

Internal  burnishing rollers


The tools are adjusted. The adjustment capacity is changing according to the diameter and types between 0,25 mm and 1 mm. The tools have an adjustment mechanism which gives the possibility to adjust very high precision measurements. For Ø5 – Ø80 mm tools, adjustment precision is 0,0025 mm and for bigger than Ø80 mm tools, adjustment precision is 0,0050 mm. TIZ TDX type roller burnishing tools can process the cylindrical holes up to H8 tolerance with a single adjustment. These tools are capable to process all kinds of metallic materials with 1400 N/mm2 tensile strength and hardness up to max. 42-45 HRC. Tools work by turning to right. Either tool or workpiece may turn. These tools can be used on universal or CNC lathes, machining centers, drilling machines, milling machines or other machines which process by turning. The tools can be fixed to all machines easily and practically. Tools have rather a long life. It is possible to use the tools for a
long time without size change due to abrasion.

Combined Skiv-Burnishing

yuzeyler_csx-eng (1)

• Combined Skiving -Burnishing Tools skive and burnish the internal surface of the cylinders in one pass. These tools provide low cost working and environment friendly. Tools are developed for processing the internal surface of the tubes in a little while.
• Combined Skiving-Burnishing Tools are designed for the aim of burnishing after skiving process of seamless and welded cold drawn precision tubes
• While skiving head skive the internal surface of the cylinder in exact size and in desired way, roller head which follow the operation from behind burnish the tube. The skiving and burnishing operation which occur at the same time provide very short process time. While providing precision measurement and low surface roughness, this process increase surface hardness too. Thus, cylinders which have more slippery and more strength surfaces according to honed cylinder , can be obtained.
• Skiving-Burnishing Tools can use on Tube Skiving-Burnishing Machine or Special Deep Drilling Machine, which has BTA System.

Sample of Application:

• Connecting rod
• Ring bushings
• Brake cylinder
• Gas valve
• Pipes
• Valve body
• Gears
• Pistons
• Joints
• Air hammer parts
• Master cylinders
• Pneumatic cylinder
• Solenoid valve
• Motor stators
• Hole of piston housing
• Shock absorber
• Cardan shafts
• Carburetors
• Cylinders etc.

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