Burnishing & deburring tools

TIZ IMPLEMENTS has developed and started to sell the new deburring tool holders to meet the customer’s demands. The holders are well adopted in European customers. The holder, with spring floating function, can compensate its spindle position flexibly to meet with complicated shape of machined parts.

Adjustable compressive force

Shorter type

Deburring lower edges





Before deburring process

Without TIZ tools

With use of TIZ tools

Recommended tools


TIZ Robo deburring cell

While selling the deburring tool holder, TIZ IMPLEMENTS found a potential deburring automation demand from the customers. To meet this demand, TIZ IMPLEMENTS newly developed a RoboStation which is completely automated deburring machine. The RoboStation is an automated cell with 6-axis robot, and rotary 120° positioning table to give full additional 1 axis. The total 7-axis capabilities for deburring can work with most complex of parts.



With turret head

Contour deburring

For cross hole (back)

With robot

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Our company has an extensive network of distributors throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. In the future, we plan to expand our business to other countries.

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As an engineering company, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of machining. In its activities, the focus is not only on the production and distribution of high-performance cutting tools, but also on the professional technical support in the field of machining and the correct selection of tools. Moreover, we implement modern industrial solutions.

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In the offer, we have a wide range of tools and multiple cutting edge inserts for all turning operations. The combination of different carbides and protective coatings allows to get the maximum tool life and efficiency.

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